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mission he was voiding, daily, eight pints of urine, specific gravity
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for work, and thus form a not uncommon cause of " broken
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nephrosis. Under these conditions the single kidney, subjected to
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shaped needle instead of a simple puncture in the dura,
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as on a former occasion, a large number of ligatures were
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cal Examiners' Association. — At a joint meeting held
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which often occurs may result from an unguided action on the part of
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Reynier's' case of peritonitis after puncture of an echi-
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he found a lymphocytosis, followed by a neutrophilic hyperleuko-
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if all the coats had been engaged in forming the aneurismal sac, but
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bleeding vessels on a steel needle (polished steel, nickel-
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soberly to all that is reasonable and scientific, I can
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from this treatment during the past sixteen years permit him to
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rhage from the womb) in confinement; or from some other morbid dis-
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cine is most largely trenched on. The author believes the surgeon's
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acid and the presence of albumen and sugar. The difficulty now
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broadest significance, is at once an art and a science, and
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connective tissue of new formation, fairly homogeneous, and containing but few cells.
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the full force of the stream. By frequent repetition of the inflation
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51 and 52. Osservazioni critiche intorno ad un recentissimo scritto del prof,
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Sectio Cadaveris. — Thirty-six hours after death.
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djsmenorrhoea, especially those of the neurotic form. Given to such
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ing upon them came a short- or round-headed race, who raised
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Public-health measures should consist of destruction of
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ance upon medical lectures, is impracticable. The time for
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suffocating sensation passed off. In fifteen minutes the
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The colloid metamorphosis is allied to the mucoid. It affects chiedy cells.
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one case (March, 1857), a boy, set. 10, died in about sixteen hours, appa-
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the child, or only passingly. It does not constitu-
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time, and the patient continued to attend to his business
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longer, and frequent shaving is repugnant to most patients ; this pre-
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superficial branches of the left trigeminus (including tongue). Two or three
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were situated on a level with the upper part of the sternum.
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identical, and congenital amputation; the latter only occasions difficulty when