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a work we would be glad to see in the hands of all interested in this sub-

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potassium, sulphate of sodium, and bicarbonate of sodium dissolved in water.

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42. Brown LW: Differential diagnosis of infant botulism. Rev Infect Dis 1979;

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boiling hot, and strain the liquor slowly into it, stirring with a

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was appointed his successor and now became one of the surgeons to the Royal

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Biscuits, being almost free from water, are more nourishing than bread,

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consists in taking milk from the dealers and examining it at regu-

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little; for it cannot be supposed that the presence of a foreign body, such as platinum

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such as may still be seen in use among some Eastern people.

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cases averaged 33.9 per cent, the minimum being 32.1 per cent and the maxi-

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relinquishing sedentary callings for other pursuits, in order to

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in water, with or without the addition of glycerine or alcohol,

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pearly, and tenacious, are expectorated ; urination be-

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that benign epithelioma was potentially a rodent ulcer. He had had two

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twice as large as that of the other intestines. It has an

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ings as the terms of our organization contemplate. In the first

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frequently than once a week, and should be allowed to remain

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just outside the sternum ; and when patient is on the right side, a

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A pamphlet just published by the Sanitas Manufacturing Com-

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Case 4. — ^The patient became tuberculous while working

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an ounce, were given about every four days, to keep

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were completed in three lectures. But little anatomy was learned

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be said of the vagaries as to pathology and aetiology

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prescribe successfully for a disordered time-keeper, must acquaint

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was extracted by the immersion in chloroform, and stained charac-

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although not equal to that pos.ses.sod by the rectum.

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or several of these first appear in the macular region, and are afterwards

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elders as they deserve, and in placing them apart from us have in

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character.^ Thus it was shown that all the univalent cations of

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rough and more tubular; and the consolidated areas larger, perhaps involv-

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ond case contained from none to 46.5 units during the first week fol-

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thiDDiDg in any part. The anterior crural nerve was found deeply imbedded in

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these diseases, and illustrates it by clinical histories and photographs of

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