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(1 :1,000) failed to provoke analogous reactions in either patient.

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hemorrhage into the brain and the patient may die from

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closure of the intima by suture from within (aneuris-

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suffering from E. multiforme, etc. (2) Inquiry as to previous dermatoses

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more advanced beyond the age of " a young man in the prime of life,"

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half an ounce of camphor water, may be given to a child six years

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no position to deny ; that symptoms may be palliated,

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28. Nicolaides N, Rothman S: The site of sterol and squalene synthesis in human

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In the description of the "physical powers of plants,"

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true ribs, projected into the cavity of the chest. This

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patients should be maintained on combined therapy and closely followed until threat of

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circumscribcd brain lesion. With an accuracy approaching 1

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Before treatment can be undertaken it is necessary to consider

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health should be liberally supplied with funds to be used exclusively

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death has resulted from simply using a bougie or catheter. One

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to say a few words about a remedy. I may assume anything,

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gastric ulcer. I think they may Ix; of interest to the Society as they

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lar; paralysis of the bladder; extremities cold and much swollen. Be-

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expect final atrophy and loss of sight. In atrophy there may be a simple

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