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as follows: smallpox 11, cholera 9, dysentery 7, typhoid fever 3, tuber-
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the lungs the indicatio causalis cannot be met In disease of the heart,
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catarrh, are greatly impeded. Decomposition of the contents, which
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ern winter, and to maintain the utmost uniformity of temperature in
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the digestion, as are also the cough-bonbons and caramels, in spite of
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" It seems to me that, Avhen an experimenter declares that he
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Manila and had persuaded the Igorot township council of Baguio to
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rarely, and of typhoid ulcers never, leads to stricture of the intestine.
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of induration, so that a large portion of the posterior part of the lung
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been due principally to nonobservance of the rules of personal, domestic,
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usually more audible upon the left of the sternum than upon the right,
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the right heart, we likewise see how, besides the larger infarctions at the
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from behind, flowing readily into the empty right heart ; and the right
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that disease, and we cannot but wonder that, together with
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Verhandl. d. deutsch. path. Gesellsch., Jena, (1905), 130-139, 1 pi.
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limb of the aorta often compress the left bronchus, more rarely the
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rhage, seen in soorbutis, better than would be done by an abnormal
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greatly reduced after about ten injections. By further continuing this treatment.
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end. This occurrence is explained when the autopsy shows that by
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certainly detected by laryngoscopy have not produced the symptoms
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formed, it is true, but they cannot entirely arrest the process of decom-
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gorgement of the veins, while the tension of the arterial walls, even
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of the symptoms of the disease that lead to contraction and closure
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but merely causes in it more or less obstruction. Afterward, when the
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the legs, slight diarrhoea, and melancholia. On examination there was emaciation,
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tepid coconut oil, mixed with escobilla juice 2 {Sida carpinifolia L.).
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tubercle ; and yet the ulcers in question never form in cases of bron-
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whether there be an actual antiperistaltic motion. At all events, it is
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more efficacious when given in a nebulized form than when applied
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unable to obtain any details of the after-condition of the case
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that French* warns us against considering the absence of icterus as
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granules from the lesions are washed in sterile salt solution before transferring
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neighboring intestine and abdominal wall, and to the connective tissue
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felt nauseated but did not vomit. There was no cough or excessive lachrymation,
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having a dull pressure in the right hypochondrium, complain of an in-
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of the liver from infection of the blood with miasm, particularly with
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fasciculatis, rectis vel incurvis, sparse irregulariterque ramosis, in fragmenta
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ulcers be visible in it, swab it with a concentrated solution of nitrate of
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view the symptoms just described, are easily distinguished from other
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consider in detail the subject of parenchymatous degeneration of these
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pletion by bloodletting, purgatives, and low diet, better than
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the same process, whereby they hope to be relieved of laryngeal or bron-
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impeded outflow to the contents of the left auricle and pulmonary vein,
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tention. We would advise him to remark, in his next case of
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cancer in the pericardium is nearly always combined with a collection