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incision must not be deep near the vaginal orifice for fear of wound-

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all instances considerably extended. Thus Dr. Lachese records that at a

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two months for the period of about seven years. Latterly the

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can say " arrowroot," " literary," or " orrery," can pronounce any

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ings. The accompanying cut may enable any saddler to

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of our American Republic, and founded by tl i of our Profession,

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dryness of the cutaneous tissues is necessary to the

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'felt so badly, it was impossible for him to stand it

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and trouble, removing a considerable quantity. There was

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tence of the former. Tlie signs of an abnormal heart were

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Dr. Reineking: So far as the welfare of the Society is con-

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pliy of tlie right ventricle, which arises in consequence of the

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Dr. Ely Van de Warker, of SjTacuse, presented a paper on " Diseased

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in a field of administrative activity in which failure may prove disastrous

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an ounce of distilled water for the atomizing instru-

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very new in this work, but it is an excellent compendium of

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ygen — an ozone and an ant-ozone, which, on being brought together,

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As is usual in recent wounds, the first examination failed to reveal any bacteria

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met one, — starch baths, or still better, bran baths, are called for, to check the

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brain as the part affected, the probabilities are much in favour of tumour.

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of his personal treatment and experience, both operative

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The next series of photographs (Figs. 45 to 48) shows successive stages in the

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applied to the conservation and development of the most vital of

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of the calcium salt of this substance could be- separated from the urine.

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iRend before the Boston Society for Medical Observation, Decern

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carry. Where fodder crops are specially grown for their

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t Einise BeoMchtajQgeii dber die Wirknng wanner Bfider aof die Hamabaondenuig tob H. Naaae ; Arehiy dee

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severity ; chloral was given with good eti'ect, and the quinia continued.

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cessful system ; and the day is not far distant when blood-letting