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103 , pulse 120. Patient pale and emaciated; has night

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site of inoculation and may also show enlarged hemor-

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poisons is capable of acting against other poisons, but from these it cannot be

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Case II. — The following patient illustrates how attacks of

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mucous exudation and accumulation about the fauces, and sometimes

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the scenery of a case A bloody sheet, a sharp instrument, or

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tion. Determine the total plate count by multiplying

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or gallon size vacuum bottle. Fill the remainder of the

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with a well-ground stopper to prevent evaporation. The

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urine is usually tested routinely for proteins ("albumin") and

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rounded by an unstained space, either singly or in clumps.

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6 of whom, as already noted, recommended antisyphihtic treat-

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dissolved in water and diluted to 100 ml. The benzoic

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tracing their origin, and effectually dealing with it.

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Table XXIV. Normal Concentration Ranges of Constituents Determined in

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purpose broth. (See par. 272d and L) After overnight incubation

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be limited to the Army Medical Service Graduate School in the

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gins to pollinate as early as the middle of May and stops by the

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hiccough, continuing in spite of treatment for eight days, finally relieved by kneading

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for students, it is found to cover much more ground, in fact the

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Bunsen burner may be used instead of a microburner,

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immunization. The antigen is injected into the marginal

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somewhat elevated (the maximum 101° F.), which the patient

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Salicylate of Soda. I say " gouty or rheumatic," because it is a

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of opinion on this question throughout the literature.

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prove. An incessant dwelling upon and exaggeration of every

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rine three drachms, of rose-water six ounces ; make a solution and apply frequently.

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have been employed with varpng success. It is to the credit

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While administering much wholesome advice to the young

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understand, so that about six weeks ago treatment was started

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of filter paper or with a clean piece of gauze. Add from

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secondarily affected in persons suffering from diphtheria. But cases occur,

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adequate for identifying an organism as a diptheria bacillus, nor

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office and residence " in the rear of the high school," and the

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b. The mechanical transmission of disease is easily accom-

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is planted at the bottom of the slants in the water of

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pharyngeal inflammation, due to the bacillus diphtherias, is not accom-