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March 12-13 — Moms at Risk/Babies at Risk. Children’s Hospital at
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being accompanied by purple lips, haggard eyes, great anxiety,
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In order to save time and trouble, we will hereafter print each
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it is only necessary to suspend the patient, when it
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graphic study. It was only when the observer noted gross cardiac
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Professor Mueller, of the Berlin Veterinary Institute, wrote me,
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fee, $6.00. Mj. Autumn, Winter, Professor Wells, Associate Professor
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almost invariably on the back, chest, and abdomen, but occasionally
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tained the necessary amount of virulent, infectious material to
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(The University Press, Manchester), the results of a series of experiments
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the results have continued to be so good, that gly-
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convalescent home. She "recovered completely," she states. After the
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ing of the head, drooping of the ears, hot mouth, red eyes, and in the
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ask what is the condition of the ovaries that demands
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death occurs during the third or fourth week, with the constant and
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•542 Attfield, J. Chemistry, general, medical and pharma-
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marked irregularity of the radial pulse, and the occurrence of "c" and "v" during the sphygmic
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