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The Liver, in 1 case, was congested — not mentioned in all the othere.
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the Harvard Dental School, I took up that work, and
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(c) The odour of the breath is modified by smoking or chewing various
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northerly winds prevailed for the most part of the month.
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The tissues were routinely preserved in Zenker's fluid, occasionally in
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that it is a hard necessity which compels a woman to submit to the
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I.NTERMiTTENT claudication is a rare condition, which was first
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presented the results of an extended study of organ-
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the acutest forms of catarrhal pneumonia. In the latter, then,
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thology, laboratory suggestions, chemistry and pharmacy, advanced
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muscles is a matter of practice. In many cases a marked amount of
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Teased preparations were also made both of tissue taken directly from
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"The circumstances under which paracentesis ought to be performed for
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found that the uterus contained hard, blackened coagula whieh it could not
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the same year, contained the most valuable opinions on Hygiene.
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