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Part used. — The dried leaves and flowering tops, collected before the flowers
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In spite of every care '' death ensued in about seven or eight
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Vol. CXL, No. 12.] BOSTOX MKDH'AJ. AMJ Sl'litihAL JUlliSAL.
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Michigan State Board of Health, regarding an epidemic of typhoid
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ment of catheterism, of keeping the patient in a warm room,
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Mr. S. M. Smith 1 (1889), in his "Treatment of bursatti by slough-
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hygienic conditions were good, but the author feels that a careful study of
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usually contained a dark fluid which he thought was blood. He
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[1] Albert Frouin. "Mineral Media and Bacillus tuberculosis," Compt. rend. Soc. de Biol.,
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tions are in marked contrast to those present in the auriculoventricular
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► Afghan Refugees in California — Health Issues Juliene G. Lipson and Patricia A. Omidian
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disease, the w^hole arterial tree will tend to approxi-
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pharyngeal, and 441 affected the larynx or air passages. The
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fyilem appears but little difordered in hedic fevers,
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The nndtiplication of the parasite takes place in a liver cell. The
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5. Krumbhaar, E. B., and Crowell, C. : Spontaneous rupture of
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vent serious complications. I will add, in this connection, that I am
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In fifty experiments with digitalis leaves the most active preparation
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and one-half pounds. The puerperium was normal, ex-
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He declared that if physicians were to adopt the suggestions
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ised by a number of yellowish- white specks usually, though not necessarily,
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Louis at the session of the National Eclectic Medical Asso-
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2. It disintegrHteB. or de«K)mpo»M the bloud. aai wastes the body.
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those abdominal muscles which come into play in forced expira-
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1. Howell: The Life History of the Formed Elements, Especially the Red
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recess Dr. Finder, of Rensselaer County, demonstrated the circulation of
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