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and finally stuporous, remaining unconscious for forty-eight hours, during
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or more commonly atrophy. Miflet and Griffiths, in experiments
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31. Diagnosis of amyloidosis, Editorial, Brit. M. J. 4: 1090
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function, and the presence of the Wassermann reaction especially
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way of presenting in accessible form the complete writings of the
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largely symptomatic. He agreed fully that the delivery should be as
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In conclusion, it is believed that the solution of the problem
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rather an indication than a contraindication, especially when limited
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cases Candler, of the pathological laboratory of the London Coun-
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JouBdjMd above ground a sufficient hei^t, wUl provide ventUa-
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(4) Salvarsan given by mouth, and likewise intravenously to rabbits in
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lengthy texts. A carbon copy is to be retained by the
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Bi-Monthly. Price per year : Paper, $8.00. Cloth, $12.00.
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of quacks who try to practice without a certificate from the State
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ness, the persons who handle the milk, should also be subject to regula-
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ism the gland may be as vascular as in exophthalmic goiter ; this increased
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tional Children holds its third annual conference at the College of the
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and respirations were 97.8°, 140 and 40 respectively. A catheterized speci-
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ing the ureter catheters in position for so long a time. Our ob-
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The official directory listed ninety-two different hospitals, sanatoria
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trouble. Clopton found seventy-five cases reported up to
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Later in the discussion we shall further differentiate
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morphin the maximum effect, because this relation is variable in
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and still are anxious to imbibe the various doses without cease
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peritoneal evagination was misdirected into the perineum or
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ment of bees, there will be fonnd three different kinds— workers,
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and Hospital of the gift of $100,000 to this institution by Mr. H.
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entation of a Case of Addison's Disease, by F. L. Gilcreest. Presentation
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Fyfield Holt Longley, Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, 1867,
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What should be done with this terrible problem of the
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T*.5°~ ''•InMie. • tight roof with ventilation underneath it
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involved. These diseases are rare. Krumbhaar ( Univ. of Penna.
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sema is due to cronchiolar spasm, the generally accepted view. But the