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abdominal viscera, in the absence of apparent probabilities in some
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regret the commonplace and obscene nature of much that
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namely, nausea, faintness, giddiness, weakness, dyspnoea,
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which regards them as necessary evils, in the course of a child's develop-
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available. Fully equipped building with x-ray, Physical
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above described, and this was borne by the patient without any unpleasant results ;
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cover the actual mechanism of this process, even in its
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same point, as those to the pelvis and lower extremities. The
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a glass tube which has been drawn out in curves. Of
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animals are subject in an able and practical manner. — The Spirit of
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aneurismal rupture, etc., is commonly sudden, is attended by
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the election of two members of the Council brought in a report of
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and as she gained nothing in weight, she was taught how to in-
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tically tree trom dust. The hospital is open the entire year x.> wards, onlj sing i double rooms.
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The patients presenting these signs frequently com-
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into a mortar; mix with rye meal, 5 oz., then add fresh
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it, I have never, except in one solitary case, seen a drop of hemorrhage.
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and that its exhibition, if pushed, is disastrous to the health and
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or any other known cause, except that which was the
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collar. For these, if they must be harnessed, a breast strap (Dutch
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eral practitioners, as a rule, cannot follow an in-
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Drying a wet horse with a long coat is hard work, it
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as in men, but it occurs sometimes, and with it a bronchial cough is
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