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Fig. 210. — Examples of handwriting in general paralysis. Attempts made by patients in the


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dura or secondary thickening of the pia over atrophied portions of the brain, 1

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specimens illustrating principles; and (3) the correlation of clinical and postmortem

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2?e';iILWl,'^ ;J::|SS.'"^^^- ^"^^^^ ^ appears on the cu?!

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opinion, be no mere coincidence that diabetes so often attacks brewers, inn-

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ized sediment, or the coagula which are formed in the fluid, are examined by

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scriptions of the pathology of the spinal cord corresponds much more to

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to give diabetes insipidus the name of " diabetes inositus," in distinction from

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Tendon Reflexes.— Of almost greater practical importance than the investi-

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John Pickering, M.D. Edin., The Orchard, Long Parish.

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The following dietary may be taken as an illustration of what would be

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first place, upon an abnormal delicacy of the walls of the vessels predisposing

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subscapular, innervated by the subscapular nerve), the arm, when rotated

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disease, which usually escape correct interpretation during life. Tims we

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11. In case of a candidate being fleeted he eannot repeat hia appUoation in

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How important this glycogenic degeneration of the kidneys may be has not

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own experience, a manifest hypertrophy of the left ventricle, and also dilata-

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prognosis is dubious, particularly if the child be weakly,- but it is by no means

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Definition and Symptoms of What is Called Scrofula. — We desire to pre-

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£5 5s. Further particulars may be obtained from the Hon. Sec.

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skin of the trunk and extremities. The urine usually shows no special changes.

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arterial pressure, and doubtless much greater than that to which the soft sub-

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advantage from becoming matriculated members of the University,

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and oral, in both Primary and Final braiiches. 2. A ^decriik hwks

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comes more evident when the eyes are closed. Especially often we see that

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