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leg, throwing it out or from the body, or a contraction and
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can without trouble show to a number of students. I am
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furnished with a tapis (Tapetum-Membrana Yersicalor
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destroying the constitution by remedies worse in their ef-
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he does in cases of involution. In tuberculosis the infection is
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dilated; deep aching of the loins and back, with a sense of full-
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improving their functional activity, and thus tending to the arrest
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remarked that the connection between the cord and the ganglia
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Serpentaria promotes normal functional activity of the skin
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Mucous rhoncus or rale is a moist sound produced by the
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mucous secretion (bronchorrhoea,) which accompanied the
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white of egg, bile, urine, and arterial blood which had
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patient is delirious ; in forty-eight hours the patient is conscious
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Case V. — Septicsemia feared ; no fluid found in peritoneal
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782 pages. (Issued 1909.) Price, cloth, $5.00; law sheep, $6.00
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relieves that numbness of the fingers and toes so frequently com-
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lieved to result from its astringent and stimulant influence upon
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fluity to allude to it ; if it were not so prevalent it would be quite
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invented, whereby every blockhead and simpleton can be