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so, provided with ample food, raiment, and, if necessary, medical aid,

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Therapeutica de I'erone, for March, 1834, a case of profuse hemoptisis, recurring

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nion, cannot be decided on mechanical principles alone. // is not the relative

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Mollard and Dufourt 2 in a case of a man taken on the seventh

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ment with ar-ray. The statement is made that with the increase

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thickened and indurated mitral valve; and, second, the regurgitant murmur,

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After one week's cultivation there were secured from two tubes

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Abscess of the Liver following Typhoid Fever. By Robert B. Preble,

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We have endeavoured to condense the views of Dr. Carswell, and to embody,

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extent life may be prolonged while the body is under its influence;

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XXV. The Transactions nf the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association. Vols.

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specialist who reported subacute inflammation of the left Eustachian tube.

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following lithotripsy are not more numerous than those following li-

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of the case, might have supposed his sight irrecoverably lost. He was

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striking degrees of arterial thickening and elongation frequently

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lar-like pseudo-membranes. The right subclavian artery, of natural diameter,

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and perspicuous manner, and which places before us under the sanction

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be greatly displaced to the right, so that the shadow had the appearance

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cent.; leukocytes, 54,000. This was just after he had taken 160 minims of

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on the appearance of a more speedy and fatal termination; it is difficult to

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The senior contributor to this article became familiar w T ith the

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his friends, who had been sent for from a distance, calmly and rationally;

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the condition was discovered at autopsy. In the three remaining

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a Temperance Society was instituted in this part of the country; and was the re-

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difficult to say absolutely that such a thing may not happen, but it seems

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Melchior 1 has been able recently to collect but twelve authentic

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From the above tables it is seen that the ratio of typhus fever

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brace the columnas to which they are slightly attached; and the ap-

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Between northern and southern latitudes, this contrast is still more marked;

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having walked barefoot on the marble, or brick pavements of his chamber, for

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left moved more than the right side during inspiration; over the whole right

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The apex-beat could not be seen nor felt. The heart dulness extended