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The therapeutic value of the carbonate of Potash, or the

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afforded by inspiring contact with great minds, which is of untold value in his profes-

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illustrated by the eradication of the disease from the United

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then less frequently. In addition to suitable posture (semi-erect),

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still keeps on his feet. He is occasionally sick, vomiting sour-

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or things actually prohibited to be carried south of the Orange River.

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ticular attention ; but before discussing it in detail, I will say a

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"the first step in the process is to point out some errors in these

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" Dr. Frank H. Hamilton, of Buffalo, N. Y., then submitted a report on

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without avail. We could by no means pro- morph. sulph. gr. i; Aques laur-cera 3 i ;

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standing for from two to three weeks in an incubator a gradually

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In each case the patient after moderate pressure fell down as

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action to expel it. But, if the patient be on the right aide, t]

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in a large number of cases, is the following: Having placed the

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Henry Osborn, of Southampton, writes the following : — " Observ-

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an effort, while it is a striking commentary on the folly, obscurity

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smooth line bounding the cicatricial tissue. The submucous in-

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I have always found that he was amenable to the treatment de-

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The Relationship of Man and Micro-Organ- eat. Common sense practical and sanitary

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with some inert powder ; and he asserts that dorse their preparations as being all they

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course, of confirmation or contradiction in regard to the supposed

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growth in the bouillon and agar was slow. Plates and flasks