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vice, then a tremendous shock and trauma, followed by persistent sugar

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the magnetic contact is unbroken, so long as either of these conti-

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lines, etc, passed from the body by the foot, tearing away some

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be found very interesting by those acquainted with the researches of Dr.

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replaced by an ashen-gray pallor; and, finally, pulse and respiration cease.

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most instances it became necessary to throw the jacket off before

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and in order to exercise a healing effect upon the ulcers.

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The drug acted at first to produce refreshing sleep, with no un-

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results in swelling and suppuration of the gums, ulceration

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District of Washington, July 11, 1868, in the case of Burgeon WiUlam

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will be found at times in certain cases of active suppuration where it is often

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quite unaffected by rest or work. The only thing which

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Birmingham Path. Soc, Aug. 3, 1847] <Prov. M. & S. J., Lond., v. 12 (24),

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gentle manner | and then, by turning the patient upon the

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doctors? To a degree. The medical schools? They too must -hare the responsibility, as must

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of Hobavt Keese, M.D., of the Class of 1855. The income of the

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WTien clumsy methods of enucleation, especially by dis-

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indeed they have any) rather than the undoubted risks which result

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cation; a well trained faculty; suitable buildings for

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and the orderlies in hospital being liable to contract it. Less

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ed gases. The effect of heat is, then, precisely what our views would

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under my observation. Nor does my experience differ from that of any

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spasms, two from spasm of the glottis, and one, it was said, from fright.

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United States Senate. Doct. Knight, besides the esteemed writer of

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religious superiors, superintendents of hospitals, nurses and charity

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ovaries were healthy, for you remove the organs which are the

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thus controverting Youatt's theory of incurability ; for animals

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described by Nankivell and Sundell and by Patterson in the speci-

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has also discovered that when Chalybeates are taken in cod-

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February 9, 1920. l^itient complains of pain in right eye. Right

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or other cranial nerves may occur from the same cause.

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I hat a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the