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Lippincott Co. Repr. Internat. Clinics (Ser. 22) v.l,

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judge did not buy the theory that a doctor’s time was too >

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be given to the commoner applications for skin treatment of lotions,

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ally falling ; at such times twitchings of the muscles of mastica-

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in selecting our partners as we do now in selecting animals for breed-

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erysipelas and prodigiosus toxins have an inhibitory ac-

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accommodation. In addition to the loss of reflex contraction,

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size of a pinhead. These slowly increase in size, and in course of weeks

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Given to a healthy man, tliey are either inoperative or poisonous. That

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It has been defined as a hereditary affection, manifesting itself in

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and ligature of the right common carotid advised. Dr.

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the parietal and visceral portions is composed of epithelial cells,

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bean has been highly recommended. Its action is that of a

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the case that he cannot keej) that poise which is so

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constitutional signs are acute and very sudden. The treatment

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they lay on the side and by continually pawing describe a circle,

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of hysterical persons which is usually due to cerebral excitement trional

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some defective cerebral development. The interesting point in the

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tion of the Provincial Medical Board was held at Quebec from

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red papules first appeared on the upper lip ; these after a time slowlj-