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subject of conception, he very correctly observes, that the corpora

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who will eat very slow. Take no more than a quarter of a pint of warm drink,

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fresh victims. Actual contact with the sick is not essential for the

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drugs, and less expensive ones, answer a better purpose

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or urinal to be within, communicate directly with, or ventilate into any

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own, the yolk and yolk membranes having disappeared at an earlier

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this method, and that much suffering is spared patients. It also

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" Where was the use," he muttered, "in these hard times, when

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formication usher in the disease. These forms of par-

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grains of the extract, or 0.42 grain of physostigmia) appears to be about the

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described as chronic catarrh of the large intestine. Ortmann's case

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be armed. The result of an enlightened strategy in impress-

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Appendix ix. to Final Report R.C.V. 1896, p. 242. — 3. Arning. Journal of the

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merous familiar instances of this might be mentioned if it

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children, (c) Irritant foods and poisons, (d) Extension of inflam-

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arrival at the bayou St. John they were, by this arrangement in most of

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tologist and Syphilologist to the St. Louis City Hospital, to the Female Hos-

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dyspeptic are inevitable. The handsomest face in the world is marred,

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When some poor boob grabs all the Just pay our mun and shut our

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relations of right and left sides are preserved, so that figures 4 to 18, though

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Jackson, in 1842, seemed to have been the first to put himself on

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in which he demonstrated several very interesting ana-

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sis, the specter of lymphoma is now hanging over them. So

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cheeks and lips are pale and livid; the throat is sore and the voice is

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The icteric tint is first observed on the nose and cheeks, and occasionally

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hoped none of his friends would ever introduce wire into his

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pra'Ctically the whole of it being still in the transverse colon after

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College; M.D. 1965, Cornell University Medical College.

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sidiary duty assigned them of communicating automatic motion

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every two hours when the temperature reached 101°.

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are in constant communication with those of the New

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potassium iodide, 121; preliminary communication on the absorp-

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hand. In fact, it would appear to be in the best interests of all

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only a symptom of inconsiderable gravity, clinical observation

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quent and natural narrowing of the bowel. In that case

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and is likely to remain ho for a eonHiderable time.

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veins, return arterial blood from the lungs to the left auricle.

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3. Auditory disturbances : bone-deafness and limitations of field.