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the beginning of the affair, when he condemned you unheard, and

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the professional politicians wished to conduct his department. He

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have been much studied from time to time, and especially of late,

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performance which is to take place. In the background are doors and

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surgeon can be given the exact depth at which each of its extremities can

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critical survev of experimental and clinical development and

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seldom soften or undergo cystic degeneration; while the heteroplastic

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equal in dignity to staff physicians, who have turned out

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logical process showed any improvement. The refrac-

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In the endemic foci, the disease in animals is limited to rather

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rassing feature in convulsions is the impossibility of saying

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present to render diagnosis reliable in children, as well

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advantage is at once lost of being able to determine

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necropsy a circum.scril>ed area on the convexity, presenting fibrous cica-

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times to impress upon the mind the fact that Nosology, like

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to a quarter of a grain, notably in one case at the City Hospital, in which the

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The changes in organs other than the kidney are often those of the

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ble stage of the disease is past. When a patient labouring un-

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make himself familiar wth. The questions of hygiene,

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merits of these methods were then soon forgotten, however,

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one proportionately less. Among these 200 observations the carbon dioxid

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this afternoon that I thought you would like to hear d

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normally in the middle intestine of the mosquito after biting an infected

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vomited. He injected two syringefuls, about a drachm, of ether into the sbu-

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muscles. The galvanic current alone is to be used, but in combination

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the disease, and it will be easily seen how it is reasonable to

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receives nourishment sufficient for its needs and thus

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though it does not properly fall within the scope of this paper, I may just

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