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ABDOMEN. — The liver weighed 2 lbs. 8 oz., the capsule was slightly thickened, and
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urobilin in the bile and excreted through the kidneys. The diminu-
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dark nuclei of tlic lucrotic ana niirfstnt iiolynuelear leucocytes, which have
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concerned with any relationship which may be found between the
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possibility of free choice of physician on the part of
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on several occasions to pass air by the urethra, the urine being of a gangrenous odour.
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tured capsules projects for a time in the form of little villi from the surface
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contagion or infection in the production of cholera.
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gard this as the only cause, for it sometimes makes its appear-
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action of the calomel on the mouth occurred, I think, in too
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feeble pulse, faintness, oppression, orthopnoea, high fever not conforming
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Clymer and a Post : A Small Favor from Ke-o-kuk, his opinion of the Scalpel :
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tion and arrangement of all the congenital abnormal con-
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trated, the pulse smaller and weaker ; the patient sinks into a
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In these cases of sudden choking, the morsel of food is not
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be not compromised by withholding measures which we have good grounds
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anaemic, but the wound was well united. There was half a
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A YEAR ago or more, reports were rife of cases of typhoid
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treatment of diseases affecting the genito-urinary organs is
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of the muscular wall of the oesophagus which forms the pouch. From a man
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cles; this new tissue is then infiltrated with calcium salts and we have
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that a majority of the members of this Society would be also
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fections except their rapid development. Indeed, bite wounds
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supply might be an important factor in determining the first
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cially^ pruritus at the anus. The latter symptom, which is often doe to
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flammation extended into the mouth, and we suspected, throughout the
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Western Division of the city for over twenty years. Wright
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tered to the muscles passively, by means of massage,
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superior to other albuminous preparations in certain dis-
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most of these cases it will be found exceedingly difficult to connect death with
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Dr. Browne's annual reports were admirable productions,
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we valued as a friend and respected for his earnest and
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the complete hopelessness of the condition of the patient; and, under
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monkey recovered from poliomyelitis of its protective power against
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(Appointed by the Chairman of the Council and composed of members of the Council)
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the only way in which a direct introduction of the virus into the uterus
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drop is made visible by the formation of a milky turbidity, for such proteins
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arbitrarily they are divided into soft, medium, and hard. These
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operation of forcibly replacing the adherent uterus bears
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temporary or auxiliary support. Never permit a patient wearing a pessary
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cancer-bodies lying in immediate contact with perfectly unaltered endothe-