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has been set up, the characteristic broken stumps will still indicate the

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As may be noted by inspection of equation (1), the stabilizing,

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scars in all eases. It is seldom deep, and does not implicate bones

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urticaria -like basis, for there is a spastic oedema, of the cutis, but in

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the common designation of tinea tonsurans two distinct diseases have

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lotion is preferable. When there are many dilated vessels and much

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ful ; and faradisation with the electric brush ought to be tried.

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attention and prompt action. Of what is regarded as ordinary school

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was inflicting injury ; (2) whether she took it without any intention of

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small nodule, forming in an accessory mamma in the axilla or thorax.

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readily explained by the supposition of a parasite located in the epidermis.

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nature were published by Lebert in 1864, who gave references to

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tubercles are found in the meshes of the pia mater ; especially over the

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pain of visceral disease heat is usually soothing. Bodily exertion, which in

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relation will be, pH = 6.8 + log . Whence, pH «= 6.78.

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Fill the flask on the left pan with water until balance is attained,

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At birth, or after the removal of the vemix caseosa, the whole body is

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nicious kind, which may infect others, though he himself is

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there is marked suspicion with fancies that the food is poisoned ; in some

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latter ; in either case the dose being repeated in two hours if quietude

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secretion des Magens. Giessen, 1893. — 54. Schlesinger. Wien. klin. Woch. 1894, p.

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Schwimmer has made use of the thermo-cautery to clear away the

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Soc. Breslau, 1891. — 14a. Idem. Brit. Journ. of Dermat. vol. iv. p. 231. 1892.

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ander Hill believes the so-called " thorns " to be organic structures which

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York we owe the first complete and accurate description of neurasthenia

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causes the patient grave discomfort, and which may become still further

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known form of eezematous eruption is met with in workmen who handle

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become complicated with those of scratching. In certain situations acute

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