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sufferers from hemoptysis, but immediately fatal results are of rare occur-
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ence the oatmeal breakfast has been unsatisfactory because if
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in some people than in others, all other things being equal, (b) Plumb-
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nection with these facts it should be pointed out that in the asthenic
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lower half of the esophagus. Food and air may be found to have es-
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accompanied by tingling and formication in the affected digit, which ulti-
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Femoral or crural neuralgia is a somewhat rare type that attacks the
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provement on the third or fourth day, while the pain and localized
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peritoneal cavity by strong intestinal adhesions which "roofed
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Mild antiseptic and astringent lotions of boric acid, zinc sulphate (gr.
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Treatment. — Unfortunately, the treatment of suppurative pylephle-
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narrows from below upward. Above the stenosis, and directly depend-
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character of the respiration. This mode of treatment is especially
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may rarely cause true anginiform symptoms. The determining factors
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occur unassociated with other forms of casts (Vierordt).
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ticularly the segments of the semilunar valves of the aortic and pulmo-
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and the transfusion of animal blood, (e) Rarely it may be due to ex-
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The excitants are mainly (1) dietetic. These include the ingestion
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make snapping sounds ; these, however, are secondary. There is
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— In this form of tonsillitis, which occurs most often during adolescence
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are to be obtained. It is especially in this class of cases that the sphyg-
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due to the causes mentioned above, and particularly to rheumatism. Age
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per cent, of the com]>osition of gall-stones, the chief solid constituent
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the splenic tumor, or owing to pressure upon the portal vein by enlarged
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" We can heartily commend the book to all those who contemplate purchasing a 'com-
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but usually death ensues after the lapse of two or three years.
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Other sensory disturbances are tingling, numbness, and total anesthesia.
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worms) and infests the intestines of the pig. The larval host is the
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"improved." Likewise, "incipient" and "well-marked incipient"
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illustrated. Then follows a chapter on its therapeutic effects. De-
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Pathology. — No definite lesion can be ascribed to the disease,
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Roentgen Rays and Electro-Therapeutics. M. K. Kassabian. $3.50. J. B.
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but it has been observed that hemorrhage tends to take place at par-
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Among the associated lesions that remain to be mentioned are — (a)
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the yellowish, translucent, elevated areas, the intima may be smooth and
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upon the surface. Cases of this kind have been mistaken for acute
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irregular gouty symptoms of lithemia. Oxalates and lithates are not in-
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tenderness over McBurney's point, circumscribed resistance, gastric dis-
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