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collapse increases, the very frtKjuent pulse becomes smaller, there is

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cast many side lights on the economic features of such

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the man was unwilling to submit to any operation. It was hoped that trouble

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gia have sometimes been traced to tumours or other disease within

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modern apartments. Dr. Sach-Rowitz hoped to be able

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them to be foetal ; this is difficult to prove, but they are usually latent,

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His temperature was subnormal and his pulse 150'' and very weak.

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expenditure was £65,434 I4s. lOd. Mr. Francis Webb occupied

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initial lesions I reported in my last article, and only

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softened cerebral substance contained a larger number of granular cells. The serous

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patient grows worse, into the low muttering, characteristic of true

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ing ; I confess, however, that they are, in the main,

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of traumatic tetanus, but in that it did not succeed ;

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It is founded on a manifest fallacy ; and on so patent

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He was quickly followed by Mr. Jones, ofUtrumous diathesis, admitted Jan. 15, 18S9,

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the nicnnn by wlurli Iho Ptirt lM-comc« iialiirally

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authoritative work on the subject. A most useful index for the physician

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any jaundice. No such explanation can be given, however, of a large

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Fig. 5 — X-ray film of the chest, January I960, showing

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folliculitis with an accompanying dermatitis. Dr. Pisko

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