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ist and a most clear and successful lecturer on botany and

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the special characteristic of malignancy, this would prove the

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The terms cramp, spasm, and hypercinesis, are applied to certain

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ally. There is no doubt as to its great value in these

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Diagnosis: Rickets. Posterior curvature. Physical signs

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Bacillus diphtherine of L'offler; to the other, the membranous inflam-

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a secure knowledge of a limited number of facts, physiological and patho-

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common. It is very rare indeed that we see psoriasis

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institutions of higher learning in the United States (e.g. "News and

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cosis, with the result of saving two lives without a doubt

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Instead of precipitating the tobacco juice, coagulated by heat,

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and left auricle and ventricles filled with a tough hard clot. Yente cavse

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cularity, which could not be expected, as the right

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portions of the organ as to resemble the retiform arrangement existing in

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It was established beyond doubt that hypertrophy is by no

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introduced by a small or punctured wound, the sting or bite of

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related deaths that were not detected by routine local

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exciting spirit of the blood. The use of cordial and external diaphore-

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and plantar, are somewhat reduced, but not pathologically; the char-

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that the obstruction Avas in the large intestine, and probably due to a

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and kidney disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Obesity is easily