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of voluntary motion were affected, those of the face, neck and extremities

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his first case of purpura, because, had he found the

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not cancelled by the death of either the patient or the physi-

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Toward the end of July the ships had reached the vicinity of the

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from the Osteological Store Room on payment of a deposit of $50.00, or parts of a

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it to criticise. It seems to be true in many cases, just as the writer says, that

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Symy^oms. — Inability to move the legs. Loss of feeling in the

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medal in his honor at one of the medical colleges. This recalls

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new. The clinician's task is to guard against drawing false conclusions

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whether a man is to be regarded as a medical student, he should


bandage is unrolled than will enable you to separate the cylinder a short

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necropsy was obtained. We think that more advantage Avill be derived

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genic forms, I place those whose function it seems to


of the triceps and fixed it into the biceps, with the ob-

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into philosophic discredit, with those who did not understand the

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Ripley thought that the patient had coughed the dart up,

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men had its origin in what is known as Luschka's tonsil, left side.

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could be easier than the passage of infectious material

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It was diagnosticated clinically as typhus fever. The

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A glance at the great number of motor paralyses following influ-

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from time to time and found it altered considerably in positiou,

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stronger. Coughs very little, and expectoration does not

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September 6th. — Mr. II. says his headaciies now occur nhont

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be attained. I have not alluded to the camera lucida, which

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come. As it was obviously a large vessel, and as it was likely

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scholarship required in the i)reliminary examination is not