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neighborhood of 13 per cent, for each degree of rise, while Voit^*

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in pneumonia of the inferior lobe the pleuritic friction sound,

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Some varieties, especially nonvirulent ones, do not coagulate milk. There

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into use, they were found, almost equally with those of the old

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West India Islands, in Africa, the southern parts of Spain, and

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effected, and the convalescence is protracted. If, on the other hand, the

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cardiac sound is just not audible, note position of pointer ;

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seen several cases in which death resulted from neglect of this. Cases

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Typhus lightly, for neglect or unsuitable treatment would

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Wood, of Philadelphia, read an interesting and amusing

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barrier of sanitation and hygiene that the danger of typhus fever

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of these in-patient cases are — males, 5 1 ; females, 76, or two

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lymph are formed in the pericardium, see Dr. Will. Stokes's paper in the

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all parts of the white layer. Similar tangential nem-ones are found

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movements of the chest-walls, with troubled respiration on any

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the lower jaw, let us now examine some of the recorded facts which

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To be gradually reduced by heat to one-half. Dose, a table-

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*' In the case of chorea proceeding to mania, we have to note that the cere-

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been looked on as merely tlic symptoms of a catarrh of the bronchial tubes

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instrument might be acquired by a patient. When it was desirable to dilate a

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cases one might have' expected severe syphilis from the initial symptoms.

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reinfection rather than that of relapse. He could not offer any

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University Hospital. B.A. 1978, University of Pennsylva-

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in the line, are prone to respect authority only as they see

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Ei.Bcnu>c*xpioaiurHic CurnTii. — Load II. Tb« DppCT. nulltr, ilKittar ncord ia ■ gnrrt Uktn

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stitches as to secure accurate coaptation of parts torn with-

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Whereas, In the death of Dr. C. A. Lewis, of Glendale, Ky.,this soci-

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been turned so as to touch it, and the error in diagnosis have been

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ing greatest at the points and less above and in the track of the wire,

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cup to exhaust the air, then quickly apply the cup to the part ; repeat

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of tlie foetus will be considered later. In our laborator}' experiments we

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of the eyeball upon the affected side. In seven of the ten cases

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healthy woman in several confinements. They were sharp and

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Indeed, from the experiments of Hanau, Cayla, Guyon, Roos-

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found everj'where throughout the body. In Dalton and Bremer's " case, also

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artery was too small to allow its further progress, and in consequence

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of which temperature, aii- and nourishment are the most important. If


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