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fail to accomplish our object by any of the means above men-

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begins chiefly at tiie fimbriated extremity of the ovi-

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exudation iindergoes the usual changes — the watery part is absorbed,

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and Chambers Street Hospitals, with very satisfactory result.s,

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the patient. I found him in a room darkened so that yon conld scarcely

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oxygen gas," passes through the membranes of the lungs,

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came away in due tinve, and the entire flap united nearly by

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In the early part of the nineteenth century physicians began to

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read that his income steadily increased until it exceeded

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1 !• .'i^^l li' ■I'.i I'li'^i- "I l'"n(. -liMiiIJ h,. rrni,,.,,.J .mj .ib-, .Im,. li.i.niM.t,,,|.

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in tlie lung, together with some of the mechanical causes

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The condition of the abdominal muscles plays a further part in the

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the pleura of the lungs is also involved. We must therefore com-

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or without tincture of kino or catechu and laudanum. In the fully de-

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be obtained. On opening the skull we found no excess of

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Paralysis agitans, senile tremor, hysteria major, acute

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body, Aphasic difficulties in speech, which are so common in lesions in, or

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He defers greatly to physiologists and chemists, but has

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high degree. Further, there is often no material change found

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subjects not selected, but taken consecutively, and dead with a variety of

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the theoretical opinions of Dr. Scott, we forbear at present

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deaths from " diarrhoea and enteritis " (new classification) at ages under

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tains, at an altitude of 3850 feet, with such singularly pure air

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rated, from the margin of the acetabulum for an inch and a

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the science and art of medicine developed in ancient Greece

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probability, he had himself been the subject. Incapacity of this kind

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witnesses, and that their opinions are practically value-

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ance by mail or otherwise can be procured ; in other

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effect on the rate of loss. At ordinary temperatures, the smaller the

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Temperature never rose above 102° ; pulse variable. J)r Burn

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as but negative proofs, for the same peculiarity of action is not

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Jan. I3th. — At 2^ o'clock, A.M., Jan. 13th, the respiration be-

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