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He is disposed to attribute their deleterious effects in a great measure to

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Dr. Bell : It is a very interesting subject to me, the use of

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June 25th, eighteen days after the operation, the patient com-

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destroying life, we may commonly expect to find great ecchymosis and exten-

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In those cases in which the pain shifts its seat from time to time, I

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and normal condition, we cannot become entirely unconscious

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Animal Inoculation {Second Series). Guinea Pig CeU {Text-Fig. 3, c). — Nov.

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made. The majority showed a high specific gravity, with

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of these particular cases, but from the consideration of

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tubercles coalesce, and thus extensive surfaces may become irregularly

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of remembering the position of twelve arbitrary letters, for he aver-

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45. Charters, S., Brit. Med. Jr., L903, vol. 1. p. 1"

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condensed air. It is known that rarefied air acts especially, if

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circulation is normal in character, such features may be seen locally in the

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thickness of the corneal lip. Into the space so left

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terstitial Nephritis with Findings in Blood and Urine,"

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neurology. The character of the diploma which will be granted

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especially the cervical and sometimes the axillary and inguinal glands

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water carbolic acid is used for irrigation. Two cases so

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the pleura that the opportunity of observing them has been met with.

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There is less bleeding from the gums and much less men-

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"The arterial deterioration need not be further mentioned

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arrival, by letter to the Surgeon-General. S. O. 350, A.

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infants, and all yielded to inversion and artificial respiration, and all took place

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fever. Indian M. Gaz., Calcutta, 1886, xxi, 77. — IVetlcr

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Children I have to deal with a large number of newborn infants, and

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disorders. They are diuretic and diaphoretic. They are