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To-day he complains of slight pain in his head and in the lower part


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I remained near the patient to scarify, if necessary. The

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not only in making supple the joints in the neighbor-

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emanations from over-crowding, combined with bad ventila-

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exposed, to all appearance epidermic islands. These were scattered

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throughout the stroma of the portio, and over the mucous surface.

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too houses — and the mortality is 1 in 49. Bristol shows 131 families to

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should be a good preparation not only for teaching but also

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tomic independence, and this condition, if considered in

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Tliis hopeless and intractable malignity is not peculiar to cholera ; it is

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sary height for the bridge was obtained. The skin flap was

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by careful examination of the spinal cord, which was healthy throughout. The

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Fly (The) as a propagator of tjiihoid fever. [Edit.]

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ache disappeared, and has not returned, and the patient appears tu be better. Skin moist, and

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shewed the greatest horror for all the rites of the Church, and

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in the service. Furthermore, our measuring stick was chosen in

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often held rather as a means of introduction of the

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good condition themselves, yet because the intestines are

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The Canon is a reformer, and a radical one, with but little respect for cus-

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part duped by their subjects, we have no doubt that the lecturing exhibitors

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The Southern California Medical Scciety will hold its eighteenth

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above the natural standard ; the mouth is parched ; there

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gradually into the healthy skin. The general appearance is that of

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A purgative of oil is generally administered also. In

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and instead of having the foot dislocated outwards,

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cardiac failure. The treatment is the same as for ordmary irritant

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oring with an aniline-water gentian- violet solution, made

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charge from the sinus is little or none ; and no fluctua-

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drugs, assafoetida, galbanum, valerian, are often used. Cowhage

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had to be systematically planted with grain, sugar-cane, eucalyptus,

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mode of action, as also that of the factor next to be spoken of.

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of the exhibition took place in the Longmore Hall, Keith,

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1 553 the Spanish emperor, Charles, had threatened to capture the

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a just knowledge of the value of money. Habits of order succeed,

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Council — j'. €., before the number of Fellows memo-

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yet there was no evidence of fluid within its cavity.

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there is a net depletion of norepinephrine. There is an in-

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maining two, one was treated by blisters, and the other by alkalies.