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the biomedical sciences with clinical medicine. Ap-
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caused by spasm of the circular muscles of the minute bronchi, the contraction
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difficult when the neoplasm exists at or near the pylorus. The stomach
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gave a very interesting paper. He gave the history of boviiu-
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ical attendant, Mr. Leppington, of Great Grimsby, writes me
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respects one and the same, there is but one general method,
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tion which follows extreme excitation is accompanied
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clear and advanced, advanced, I had almost said, for
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form, and the splendors of their color, the arid plains
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upon the tame patient from whom the previous record was made. The pulse rate has been reduced to
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stricted at its base, and of soft consistence, and of an obviously villous
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In walking, the co-ordination of the correlative tonic contractions of
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paper detailing - case of "Fracture of tlie Skull."
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tion or technique of a case experience; and special articles,
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olism than did the normal controls. If the action were due to one of
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the sick for medical aid to Saleruum are asserted to
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(more so than animals treated with nonsensitized preparations), and
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efforts are directed and by the harmony of our team work. The handicap
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Tonic or Stomach Balls. — 1. Gentian, 4 oz., ginger, 2 oz.,
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so stiff at times that she can be lifted without bending.
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prescription drugs may be confusion over the physician’s
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pointed out, tears through the sphincter muscle fonn a dis-
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A week has sometimes done more harm than a cruise of five months :
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■^ O O CD CO 1^ O CO Ci O ^ CO 1— ( O'S O O ^ O t^ O 1— 1 (M O 1^ 1^ 00 O O O O CO O
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of an electro-magnet. The operation, which consisted in passing a
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pneumococcus of Type II and a pneumococcus of Type II b were
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the prohibition of the use of such flesh. From that time onwards
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This still goes on very much more than it would with much less
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follow worry, over-work, or disappointment. Other cases have arisen in
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worthiness set upon them. More than this, our reputation has gone
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this case. We cannot get beyond " the proVjable," because
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3. The injections were begun as early as possible in the first
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Robert Smith, of Burley, Rutlandshire, an eminent sheep-breeder,
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volving the cord and its appendages, is not demonstrated to
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larger, only one of the aortic sinuses was involved,