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were perfectly paralyzed to motion and sensation. The temperature in the

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severance must be observed and then success is certain.

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subject, it does not prevent the formation of mildew in very hot weather.

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70, the net average rose to 9-h oz. ; and above 70, to 9f oz. For the

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An epizootic disease is one that spreads rapidly, attacking large

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associated with Addison's disease, no mammillation or abrasions.

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set up. In the case of the sciatic nerve, the method

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5lake it a rule in evei-y case after delivery to care-

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Women excel in the arts pertaining to the home, and virtually have

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first thoroughly cleansed and disinfected (say with chloride

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dead, or the Thomsonian part of it; and that paper is

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constitutional disturbance, the eruption or skin rethiess will

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On the other hand, when the autologous LMI assays of

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218. Diagram showing the segmental arrangement of the sensory nerves . . 837

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period of exfoliaUon of necrosed cartilages, and in acute

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on the left of the grip, all the fingers grasping the grip.

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wire protected by an inch or more of rubber tubing,

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which regulate its operations is, that within certain limits its irrita-

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itself. He believes that the tissues present in various

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cases in which pilocarpine stimulated the growth of the

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ceding the outbreak of the fatal symptoms. The presence of fat

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or dartrous sores, is seized with epilepsy, hysteria, or intermittent

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In twelve per cent, there was more or less itching, in two per cent, asphyxial

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stomach it automatically adjusts itself as regards digestibility to

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deposits or thick pus. In those cases where the pus was thick and

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with iodoform before applying it, and now place it directly on the

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exertion in this direction. We are all impressed with the

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ities the advantages of this provision for their insane

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Dr. Stockton, of Huff alo, confirmed Dr. Stenj;. !'┬╗

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been used. If disease existed about the cervix uteri, expulsion of a

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and INFLAMED MUCOrS MEMBRANE in anv part of the body. Acute and Chronic RHINITIS, L.\RYNGITIS,