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be found or the patient will have previously suffered from malaria.

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salt and one ounce of butter ; lay the slices of salmon on the top

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enable fourth-year medical students to pay the costs

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pyelitis, simple or calculous ; pyonephrosis ; renal tuberculosis ; and

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tion between the apparent cause and the symptoms is

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by involuntary contraction of the sjihincter ani, I

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was suffering from extreme cachexia. On admission, he stated that

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it ought to be much larger in warm-blooded animals than in cold. I

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corpuscles pass in single file through the capillaries of the lungs.

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it out at some other, either make a second knot, or tie the two ends

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the Council, and shall perform the duties of the President until the next

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these symptoms, the cow will have shivers and chills, not

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Fig. 127. Two young aestivo-autumnal parasites attached to one surface hemo-

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Were you as children expected to go to mass every Sun

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older and dwell more largely on the more recent ones.

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The brilliant achievements of the abdominal surgeon have so

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1812 a.— British zoology, v. 4, xvi 4- 379 pp., 95 pis. 8°. London. [W a .]

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I patients. DOCS is simple for your staff to use. The

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nally, in the proportion of 3ij- to Oj. of water, or other fluids.

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the whole State, prepared by tlie State architect, have

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curiosity of many persons, who are very desirous to know

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has greatly decreased -^vithin the present century, and especially within

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child cries they offer it the breast again, although

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tumult and anxiety are sources of very considerable

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of fatty change in the superficial layers of the intima. Further,

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Peogxosis. — By close attention to the above symptoms

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from the normal to guide us, and no observation upon his urine

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|inrtiiit'iil, ov«'r 1. 200 wound*!*! aii<l li«-li»l<-si rin-n wrif

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persist through adult life, and at any time the malady may be arrested.

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the blood of the pigeon contains in 1000 grammes 1.20 of phos. of lime