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necessity for always avoiding anything like violence in explora-
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vessels, and caused dropsy. I have previously pointed out that such is
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Concerning the crusade now being made against small-
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especially at this time, when so many people in and
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men do not suffer much from it at that season, because they
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pain, extent of the respiratory movements and resistance or rigidity,
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scope the parasite has a general outline similar in
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the first instance she has been obliged to yield up her pelvic organs
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time he could have found the relief from his disability
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Dr. Paget said he preferred the amendment proposed by
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(2.) Notice shall, if possible, be given to the General Secretary, or the
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cosis in which the autopsy revealed an actinomycotic
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frequent in the male than the female, yet the stasis referred to is,
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every case the diagnosis was established according to
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thus we shall have all the shades of modified function slowly
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the least, disturbances of nervous functions, which leave
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dix, about one and one-half inches long, a stricture obliterating
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obtained temporary relief only from the injections ; it became
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The theories promulgated as to the cause of pellagra bear a striking
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cases of cancerous stricture of the oesophagus, reported as
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Or stating the aggregate saving of life by each operation,
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followed by the use of the humerus as a lever of the first class, I