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these lobes was, first of all, removed, a shoe lace being tied around

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the hair will " dress" as handsomely as if u oiled to perfection;" with the great ad-

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quently than we do now in obscure cases of pain in the epigastrium.

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tency ; and that, from our present knowledge, there

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6. The milk should be cooled outside of the stable, and

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typical course and a crisis; epidemic meningitis has

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(fig. 14). The direction in which the gas is caused to escape

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dark color, like a soft decayed mass. The other lung was ap-

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In almost all the author's cases there have been temporary eye symp-

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school," by which he of course means allopathy. A medical

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venture to make a few remarks with reference to possibilities beyond

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mediate relief, lasting in some cases for a considerable time, but

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denounce the impertinence of the doctors' interference.

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Aiiscullatioii . — On the left anterior aspect the in-

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continued instrumentation. 2. That the more thorough evac-

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CA^eryAvhere and in all epidemics ; nearly all AATiters accentuate, as leading;

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These calves all contracted tuberculosis from the treatment re-

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