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was associated with an outbreak of rheumatic purpura and erythema

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digestion. — Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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distort the early portion of the ST segment. This spurious ST

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in view of the disappearance of rigiditv and improve-

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fascia or rectovaginal septum. Patients undergoing ab-

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of this new subperiosteal bone formation in the fifth and not in any

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Jn reviewing this edition, at the request of my American publishers, I have inserted several new

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called in, and the look which we exchanged, when examining this

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with this the report of our Delegate to the Second International Congress

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specially produce. In this direction, therefore, I shall address

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gleaned, except what every one knew, that large supplies

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lum surrounding the ganglion; 6, living cell surrounded by new-formed fibers;

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comparison. Li manner, Mr. Webster was calm, dignified,

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in the Medical Institution of Yale College, were then filled, by the

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chamber ; and if in such an eye, the anterior drainage

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in almost all cases is turned under as indicated by the sketch.

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These observations do not enable us to speak with any certainty as to the mo-

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the society of our Eastern Empire," says T/ie Timesy " has long been

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Attending Anesthesiologist, New York Hospital. B.S.

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interference, careful and repeated examination of the chest

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largely indebted to Dr. Clark, as one of the most learned and

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forget that, in the pregnant female, plethora is not a more

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Mitral Disease — Rapid general Dropsy — Complete relief to

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very fully confirmed recently by 13r. Arthur Sinclair, who

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iron plate, and over this place the sheets of ti.ssue paper

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Paille, for the purpose of enlisting governmental aid

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(3) epidermidoses ; (i) cryptoses ; (5) derxnoses. Dis-

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reserved blood-making deposits to supply the exhaustion of the mus-

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the floor of the canal. The additional portion of this