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sonance of the voice in the intestine is much louder than when the ex-

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sponded in general to the conditions during life. Dr.

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terior walls of the axilla; in rheumatism of the trapezius, the dis-

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mental class, ileocolitis being uncommon and cholera

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one-sixth of the University, and the facilities afforded the

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1. Angina Due to Coronary Artery Spasm: CARDIZEM has been

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recognize that of all operations for prolapse in elderly women the one

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was nothing said as to any frenzied condition, though

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months the induction of premature labor is to be preferred. In

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As has been said, acetone or chloroform can impart their activating

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into the great war. That war has now ended in complete victory

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to favour an early crisis. Having- seen pneumonia treated in

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vided with slings. Ship's fittings liable to inflict injury must be fenced

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"If you expect to grow old, and keep in your mind an image or

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sented in the plate, which corresponds to such a period of ges-

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who are engaged in, or in sympathy with, the work of medical

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fluid as above described, may be seen much larger cells— as large, or in some cases

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tinct characters of the small and large intestines.

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cians. — Most cordially do we greet the renewal of acquaintance

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ohservations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith, of the United

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and shapes of the fragments, and the extent to which they have

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found to be unsuitable for the accommodation of the insane. But

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the tooth is not released by lancing the gum over the advancing crown. The

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stains coming from the head of the victim, as it lay

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Within these last twelve months, I have seen twenty children destroyed by antimo*

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confirms the report of its existence, in former years, on the Ohio, in