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of it. The large majority of the hospitals follow the foreign
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comparative ease find definite limits for an occipital lobe in most
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That difficulty having been removed out of the way of our hypothesis,
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February, and l»a<l walked a mile or two without an overcoat,
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small village (Zang) of 549 inhabitants, in which 19 individuals
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fixing to himself the stigma of dishonesty/' — we humbly beg leave to say,
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The portrait of the chancroid, as given by the text-
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ruling factor in the problem under discussion the plan suggested by Mr.
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of peritonitis following abortion. Yet, since abdomi-
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In animals they have been found with spontaneous infections, puer-
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of the infecting chancre has been constantly used for curative
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H. Robb reported a Case of Suspension of the Uterus Followed by
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prehensive care for patients as well, Cornell investi-
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been overlooked by them. Except for the typical gouty
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times a day, and nitrate of potassa and chlorate of potassa
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courfe of nearly fix weeks, in thofe winter months.
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the earlier antitoxic serum is administered after the inception of the disease
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Sickness. It has been computed that nearly two years of
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it. Dr. Crippen came several times. He took off what defend-
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their stools, are often the cause of fresh epidemics in places where dysentery
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discovery. Lehmann communicated to the French Academy a list of
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severely punished for throwing matter which has not been disinfected upon the
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persons live in a house of four rooms ; that in the interval
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decline has been exclusively among persons under ten years of age, and
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tertaining and instructive narrative of the experiences
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accompanied by more or less febrile reaction. A single re-application of the shampooing has
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modification of constitution. If we look at the distribution of different
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ant difficulty, that it is so remarkably cohesive that when the time comes
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Arteries pushed aside by shell fragments, note 8, p. 216.
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years of age in a variety of clinical settings such as the hospital-based adolescent clinic and
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atinin under proper conditions is adsorbed by kaolin (Greenwald,^^ 1918), but
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Dr. Mikulicz of Vienna has invented an instrument for
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orated to small bulk and cooled, whereupon the amide separated.
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the stage and would be pleased to hear from any reader who can furrush further and better infor-
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army in the Crimea, thirty years ago, and it has been known
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price of a fatal error, which, terminating in a sad loss of life, was but justly
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