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not to any specifically poisonous substance or substances, but to the

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toms of intestinal obstruction. Operation was suggested

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probably concerned. A soHtary communication by Cattoretti* states that the

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excreted in any twenty-four hours was 28.75 grammes, and on that day 1,250 cc

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spleens more than doubled (55.4 per cent.). He also found that only 17.9

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this function in the healthy infant^ are believed to be usefiil,

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the greater part of the field of general medicine; with the

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familiar with its use in this and other forms of cutaneous

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tricotous form;* but in fever this curve has a tendency to become

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form has been administered correctly, yet difficulty of breathing has

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in the offspring ; and where, after parturition which was com-

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and wash the surrounding parts afterwards. . . The edges

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handle of the instrument, twenty-six inches long, con-

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fessional men, trained to heal and relieve human suffer-

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average of those years as a guide. It is as follows : —

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