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of Continuing Medical Education. Virginia Mason Medical Center, PO Box 900. Seattle,

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penis of the male, and the clitoris, nymphse or internal labia, and a

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ology), P. A. Torzilli (applied biomechanics), R.E.

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sota : " Extension of State Control of Tuberculosis." The

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of doing more good when put into a general fund administered

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and assuming the quotient as the normal av^erage weight or

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not produce the dyspepsia so commonly as the dyspepsia

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The following directions will be observed by medical examiners in

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flammatory process ends in the formation of new tissue. In this

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observed in the hospital for another 24 to 48 hours and initial

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frontal convolution. The cases, however, were not verified by laryngo-

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Rebellion, it had achieved a position little if any inferior

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Association of the Ckillege of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.

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tuted by the legislature or any other body. Ed. Man.]

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A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System, 1873.— 28. Helman. Ann. de

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ment that in Germany, among the children under one year old the death

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germs in cow-dung floors. A few rooms had likewise been treated

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during life, has proved acceptable to pathologists throughout the world.

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recognised by Anglo -Indians. The period of incubation is variable, but

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sides the necessary books, instniments, fuel, attendance, etc. ; in ad-

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Here ether is used instead of benzoline, half an ounce being sufficient for

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claimed from its use is, that it is too frequently given in cathartic

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horns will cease. This is the only true plan to adopt.

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course, adhesion may be waited for. When the course of the

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immunosuppressive regimens, the five-year survival rate has

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radial extensors. This new sheath is above the ten-

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They are known as mimi kaki in Japanese and kwi shi shi

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students, Prague in the fourteenth century 30,000 students, and in