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acute nephritis, phlebitis, cardiac failure, cerebral hemor-

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and antisepsis in summer diarrhoea. Pottc i S. \ .. 17

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years of age. Had a miscarriage in August, 1885, and dates

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they required. Understanding the dialect of the Indian tribe, with whom

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without bronzing of the skin, and bronzing without lesion of the

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Heath, then president of the Clinical Societ)' of London.

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Ihe use of it altogether; but if any is given, af\er the

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In general 92.6 per cent, of protein; 94.4 per cent, of carbohy-

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parts. If the discharges become foul in odor, and there is a

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looked after, and let us not be intimidated by the oft-

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Stahl — for sometime Professor of ^Medicine in Halle — is

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gen or air to pass between dielectrics (thin plates of glass

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ice for the patient to suck, and liquor bismuthi, and dilute

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much room for the discussion of practical considerations. Even the

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Treatment of the disease. — We have seen that it is doubtful whether

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who has studied the plague in Europe can truthfully

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their old surroundings, was likely to aggravate the

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the cocci, and the extent of the inflammation bears a relation to the quality

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in the skin, sores, lumps in the breast or chronic indigestion with loss of

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American Medical Association, January 8, 1909, and is the first case

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allowing still a wide margin for the lower average value

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loss, is his immortal gain, may lend a ray of hopeful light to the

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for symptoms indicative of permanent lesions of the brain or spinal cord

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and testes, also in the blood of large veins, lying in various types of

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slight enlargement in its entire length, disappearing,

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But indirectly they may affect it, when given in large doses.

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show the nuclei of the giant ganglion cells tinged slightly with

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to give it a frothy or effervescent property. Bad or weak beer is

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tions, by a process of natural selection, one or the other of these natural

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led instead to this brief outlook into the future ; and whilst emula-

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