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contract. The patient did not appear to rally, the pulse becanie very weak, 1-iO,

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primary disease being a nodule of carcinoma about the

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provided only that they are successful ; there are others

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life upon the globe had consisted in a series of different forms,

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twenty-five cases of the disease and discusses the question in great

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change. In a few cases operation is undertaken because of deformity.

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July 26th. In the morning gave another injection of strongest serum

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diagnosis is absolutely clear if we find the eggs of the little animal

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but up to the time of making the observation he had

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The prognosis is necessarily grave. Two recoveries are reported by

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at first, and even in the later stages it may not cause great trouble ; in

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those who have the management of the insane the cause of

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is received has also a distinct bearing. Under anaesthesia preg-

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Bartholow classifies lithaemia under the head of liver diseases,

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It is reported from Calcutta that cholera lias appeared

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floor, and descending to the parlour beneath, shattered two mirrors, de-

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affected and the patient becomes very rigid, and to this

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The first was a man, aged 79, with an old inguinal her-

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The difficulty of accounting for tliis case bv attributing it

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who drank the tainted water escaped unhurt; in other words,

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steel; and yet I knew that, as day followed day, and

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of slough described by Empis, resulting from chemical change in the

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as being essentially tubular glands, simple, or branching, lined with

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A 13-year prospective study of the Framingham cohort. Arch

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So many observations on the postnatal course of achondroplasia have now

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three children, the youngest 21 years old. I found her suffering from con-

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ligature of the artery, as practised by J. Bell Carmichael and Warren Stone,

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I wish to kuow whether the statement made in the above quota-

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The Dangers of Chloroform, and the Safety and Efficiency of Ether,

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The new urethrotome is composed of five easily detach-

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positions are rendered possible {Fig. 105). We have had one of these

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being so extremely nervous, and he said he had been taking the Keyes

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asleep or unconscious . than it is during the waking or

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tion takini; place of the water inside the casinĀ«f and