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habitually, may injuriously distend the rectum, and diminish its power

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ultimate prostration. Close observation upon the human subject and

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â– otriiion, and with alcohol has proved of great adynntage in Tarious diseases be-

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these it is purified by redistillation from a strong solution of potassa.

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scribe from this class. A very long list of diseases has been

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temperature above that conveying the sensation of heat, the

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sitioD or elimination, the stimulated organ is left to ita own powers. lt«

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of this Paradise, where may still be seen the track

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VBWi BO that the dose may be regulated with the utmost exaetnesa.

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onous instead of remedial, can hardly be admitted as an argument

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the air-pnssages, mixed, in a state of extremely minute division, with

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ing apoplexy, and of frequently recurring epistaxis or hcemoptysis, the

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reotum ivei miieb more yigoroimlj, in Ihe^ie nnitniib, than when introduced in the

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a very great degree, to the universal custom among the mass

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dry air, abstracts caloric from the body in the ratio of 330

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of the stimulus, a condition of extreme prostration takes place, which

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breezes so deleterious on almost all the coasts of warm coun-

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than even now-a-days it is,) no more begets cutaneous disease

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faces ? I do not mean to deny the acknowledged use of the

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of commerce. The rectified oil is obtained from this by distillation

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narcotic odour, which they lose by drying; retaining, however, a bitter

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ing post-mortem examinations, compared to the nurse, who

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as for instance fowls, and many birds, and the greater num-

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fallow those in which the brain is actively congested. The effect

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prompt relief of pain is required, or immediate interference may be neces-

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they afford little or no nourishment, and give very little la-

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case : the disease arose from the filthy state of the sewers,

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particularly when in an irritated state, if combined with a little powdered

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breezes so deleterious on almost all the coasts of warm coun-

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and whilst the sensibility of the mucous membrane is highly

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tion that our studies were restricted to aerobic organisms.