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glottis—Laryngitis, (Suppurative and Inflammatory) — Croup — Chronic
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the worm attacks the muscle only, or whether it is not deposited
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and vascular, as if inflammatory softening was going on.
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we can sometimes use to advantage elective cultures media, a procedure
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accounts for the large quantity of the internal secretions,
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ing, blistering, physicking, starving, with all their refrig-
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practice in cases of intra-capsular fracture of the
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in cases of fever, in which the bladder has been allowed to become
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early stages of the disease were frequently influenced
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warm. The differences in the material world were, therefore,
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economic importance that we have had to deal with on the Experi-
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measurements are not superior in value to the transverse diameter,
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Richland, Waseca, County, but came to Hartland every Thursday.
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encumber our medical schools, and if this means the finan-
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"yellow fever," "acute poliomyelitis," " phlebotomous
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to cause the abscess to regain its primitive size. After two
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ground, and with improved methods for appliance will probably take a
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Fiessinger, N., Moiroud, P., Guillaumin, C.-O., and Vienne, G., Ami. med., 1916,
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sia half an ounce, oil of anniseed two drops, and make a
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limit the amount of food which can be ingested at any one
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Observe. If the collar is not too tight on the neck, in-
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very common in brain syphilis, and very rare in general paralysis. In
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tingling and pricking in the extremities. Pain ensues,