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portion remaining about the same, excepting that the
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phasis is on gross pathology as far as the autopsies are concerned, but the
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Pediatric Association, Philadelphia, PA, January 23, 1981. Dr.
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conveyed the infection to the wharves of that locality.
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operation performed. They finally consented, and Dr. Abbott
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results of these clinic-based surveys are not representative of
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treme values obtained from this ratio in the hydroxide experiments
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2d. The employment, in our apparatus No. 1, of a metal Screw Cap, fitting the neck of the
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of troops which have happened to be brought into close collision
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occurred one quiet evening visit to the Countess Albany
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the twenty-six cases, ten showed slight tremor of the hands, seven
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pathological change in the kidneys, still I will not deny that,
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curves representing general and local reactions in Figure 1 suggests a
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was again attacked with fever as hot as ever, with slight
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Sergent, 14 assumes its presence, and claims one is justified in making
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should not be mixed with dry vegetable powders, Tannic Acid,
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patients on fat and albumenoid food onl}^, we therefore force him
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would present themselves for fulfillment regarding this, as you would
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mer possesses more smoothness, is more round, and can be made stronger."
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patients in time of war. — If the hitherto observed average
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gested by the ever-ready-to-do-something persons, and which
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choice. The Minnesota Nurses Association, realizing high
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in fungoid inflammation of the joints. — {Lancet, Dec. 1, 1888.)
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in size and in mode of action. Inequality in size, however, is not very
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ammonia. This ought to be done six or eight times at a sitting,
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did not pass a drop of urine, and died in the profoundest coma,
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numbness in hands and feet may be severe. In a few-
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by palpation of the abdomen, that a clue to the diagnosis was
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children is to allow them every facility for being in the " open air ;" to go on
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in certain cities. Later on, however, it was generally understood that
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English, (6) a "principal group" of 3 or more units, and (c) a "secondary group"
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for hernia, but nowadays surgical operations are very much standard-