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of the student's intellectual inquisitiveness, the German attitude comes as some-

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manifested themselves and she explained the sensation by saying

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(Deutsches Archtv fdr klinische Medictn, Band xi., Heft 1, 1872.)

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erated on during the last five years at the surgical

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over the hearers is a real menace to attendance in the

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due to the existence in the circulating blood of an infective agent which,

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to their knowledge or are brought to their notice in any way. They

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fever cases have changed with respect to the development of mental

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Exposures of skeletal tissue are made practically as quick

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Miscellaneous reversible alopecia. Oculomucocutaneous reactions involving the skin,

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tumult and anxiety are sources of very considerable

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process than dystrophic calcification, as there is definite

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lastly on the medulla, so that the effect on the heart would

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Thompson and Kemp {Med. Rec, ^N". Y., 3rd Sept. 1898) have studied

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by water, thereby causing increased pliability of the

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soda, quinia, or chlorate of potassa) may be advantageously

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more equally mixed with water than that obtained from linseed

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posure at 10 inches, and affects the deeper tissues equally.

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There are but few large towns, and the distances be-

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hibited a well-defined hilum, to which peduncle attached, around

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Apportionments of money to institutions for medical and socio-

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act, professional ruin is a poor retribution. This is

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typhoid fever may occur after the attack of scarlet fever, as in the report by

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Alcohol. Alcohol again: a consideration of recent misstatements

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by a mask which allows but little chloroform to escape into the atmosphere;

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the class of cases of which I have been speaking, may afford a

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moment, actually painful. The bathing tub, which is placed

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diabetes. In half the cases of diabetes in which the writer has seen or made

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tapeworm ; accompanied by vomiting and colic, it causes sudden death '.

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