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vagaries, ending, if carried beyond a certain limit, in delirium

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taltic action, remains as an intense venous and capillary engorge-

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Intestinal Disinfection by Benzonaphthol irt Goitre.

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contained in the serum injected are susceptible of neutralizing to a

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elements increased, and then rarel}' in the proportion

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at the worst in the dead of night, if all else failed, the deodorized

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Because it is in strict compliance with "The Professional Code of Ethics," and being the only-

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The patient survived the operation, living nearly twelve hours

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vania Hospital and Chief of Out-Patient and Heart Clinics;

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shown would be much greater than it is, if both had been

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of acrimonious particles of matter which attach themselves to the

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" It contains such a wealth of valuable material, which is so cle.trly and interestingly pre-

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Leaving operation tcounds unsutured and dispensing with flaps will,

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formed chiefly by cellular proliferation. In the youngest neoplasm

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tive means of combatting poverty. Of course, it is not only a cause,

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example, there is no apparent reason why certain tumors of the thyroid,

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noon. In the morning it is frequently normal; it is occasionally

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First Session. — Anatomy, dissection, physics, botany.

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be fairly assailed only as regards the special methods

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Practices Act of New York, as well as state and fed-

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Nathaniel Thayer, for many years a trustee of the Hospi-

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contact with the septic saliva, chloride of zinc (forty

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the blades in the occipito-frontal diameter — an application that is

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and the patient soon died. This case was before the

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accepted the position of consulting orthopedist on the

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demic, and placed a guard around each case. This state

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with the blood, if the woman be in other refpects in

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Sprains. The remote effects of sprains, Lovctt, R. W., 14.

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Catawba grape, and coloring matter. Such an article can be very easily

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lying down slightly inclined to sleep, but not comatose. I