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duct contained calculi at pathology. It is possible that the
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or plasters,^^^ or tried to cure the disease by divination.^^^ Thus
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caused by exhaustion of the body reserve of water available for
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Tuesday before Commencement, at the close of the spring
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pain and oppression at the epigastrium increased. During this
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1 The former edition, from which this Introduction has been taken, was
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write, or a druggist to fill, a prescription, with-
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sex-force, will tend to the development of such men; reverent study
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the outer and upper surface it was found to show a num-
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results. Digitalis is contraindicated whenever there are distur-
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with a great reduction in the haemoglobin. There was
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slightly blistered. Some more ointment is then to be gently spread
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remarks, relative to the general conduct, and management of women
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fresh, but is now only faintly mottled; more externally it is homo-
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cient for the purpose. He noticed no blanching and no anaes-
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monary arterial reflux ought to have been mafde. I have,
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long creeping rootstocks are thick and fleshy, somewhat spongy, and have numer-
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to the pyrexiae, characterised by disturbance of the nervous system,
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A boy, »t. 18, was admitted at St. Thomas's Hospital on
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(1) the principal general hospital, and its subsidiary establish-
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tionable superiority for internal use over all other antiseptics, notably those whose deadly
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In States where parties are required to obtain license before getting mar-
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Dr. Ross gave it as his opinion that the boy would not