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the susceptibility of the skin in different subjects, and even in the same

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Sullivan, James Laurence P. & S., Bait., '01 Bridgeport.

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mechanisms for the removal of waste, which are correlated

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3. A combination of the X-ray with the ordinary methods of

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furnished by living and dead plants and animals respectively.

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fully developed sarcomatous tissue, an intermediate zone of

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to our palliative resouxces, which in cases that have not

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and chloroform, being sent over from London by Messrs. Robin. Out of 108

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and Dr. C. Pfeufer, Professoren der Medizin an der Fniversitat zu Heidel-

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they yielded "8 deaths, a mortality of twenty six per

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and modified and directed by the residua of impressions, con-

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but after a little we all came to regard it the sweetest

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of venereal disease were fully recognized ; but they were believed

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This book is the result of intensive study of 129 cases in the

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in their nature that the orifice to the anus is closed and subse-

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quished — in fact, confinement to the house for some days

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in thirteen of which slow dilatation was employed and in fifteen rapid

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and until some standards are established the solutions are the

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to the lungs, and thus gets out of the system. The lungs, the excretory

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cinated London ; but there are the hard facts, which I leave

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of the dried leaf and liuit were, indeed, only incidentally men-

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neurological, opiithalmological, dermatological, ob-

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chloroform. If the whole fluidrachm of chloroform be added at once to a pint

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half an hour twice daily. A common kettle, or one of

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(Ziemssen, vol. xv.) show that in 449 cases convulsions

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of thai* Imitations, flnd'^ that no two of th»m aro Idontloal. and that all or thom

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tases present at the time of the operation or else a bit

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ment of the attack, and repeated the dose in six or eight hours, and again

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makes a fair showing in a wrestling bout — in breaking

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spirits of ammonia, ipecac, hyoscin, chloroform or sugar, tincture

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Pernor, of an idiopathic epileptic, J. 8. Foote, M.D.,

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the attempts which, it was feared, might be made by

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true typhus, has not been clearly pointed out. By some it is attributed

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doors ; blind his windows ; stuff his chimneys, or, as in a case that came

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a day or 1/8 of a grain at a dose. I maintain this dose for three

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scribes as comprehending " all those distressing cases where

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and transversus auriculae, 1 the stylohyoid, the posterior belly of the digastric, the

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hours, until natural secretions are elicited, and oftener if tbe case be