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cal societies of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri.

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be at once removed, and Chassaignac does not find a state of inflamma-

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similar to a chill, will or may be seen, followed in a day or

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mately, its dilatation, or other alteration of structure. In one in-

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Alignment. — A straight line upon which several men or bodies of troops

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to recognize clearly the indications and limitations of this procedure ; and

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112. Giblets (to Stew) — Ingredients — Salt and pepper, butter, i cup

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In support of this argument history backs science. It

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the breech in the upper or middle parts of the pelvic cavity, the

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ceding days, there had not been any escape births were only one-half as many as the

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constructed a rough account of this disease, and Eomberg in his Text-

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process, passing through the elbow-joint, and making its

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the ninth and tenth dorsal spines. Four weeks later swelling

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Blood loss in operations. Surgery, 20:761, (Dec.) 1946.

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Associate Surgeon, Ear, Throat and Nose, Pennsylvania

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being that a large iron-bound trunk had fallen on her foot, and caused

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more effective than the hook seen in Fig. 122, which at

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coverable, and the c-ipillaries and interstitial tissues remain

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ges, Pottawatamies, &c. In 1833, there occurred 9 cases of epidemic

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par.ilysis in a girl, and diabetes developed when the

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were new to me in multiple neuritis. A young woman,

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as well as her legs. She consulted her doctor, who treated her with

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way to remedy this is to convert the fistula into a simple flesh-

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to suggest that the fracture has been a disintegration of the