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Taylor, H. F. Hansell, M. J. Lewis, and Louis Jurist.

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Other forms of general anesthesia will not often be of service in

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This is rendered still more difficult from the relative

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general deterioration of resistive power, although it is believed that the

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4. R. W. Murray. liritis/i Medicn/ Joiirmil, ]Mnt l6th, l«>o6 ; lJver(H\.

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Wm. H. Wescott, M. D., of this city, said : " That brush has cured my rheumatism." He had previously

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with the gloves sterilization must be done just as thoroughly, as

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per cent.; certainly a very satisfactory percentage of recoveries

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a course would be altogether indispensable. Ventilation, that question

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tration, humilit\', and fanny fatigue — we were readv.

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things ; they look too much like having communication with

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friend Professor Mitchell, whose reputation as an ob-

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atinin under proper conditions is adsorbed by kaolin (Greenwald,^^ 1918), but

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In states of over-fatigue, or of mental excitement, the arterial blood is,

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*Dr. MacMillan is affiliated with the Cardiac Catheterization

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for good results to follow stretching of large nerve trunks have

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Nine-tenths of the readers of this Journal are christian men

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most potent sources of danger. The following moving parts

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of their husbands' limited resources, endeavor to vie with their

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touched with diluted hydrochloric acid; if the bodies of the ver-

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that time, 13 cases of coccidioidal peritonitis have been

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1882 Saixibubt, llxMtiijiQTOV, M.D., 68, Welbeck Street,

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criteria, invented a few more, and supported Pizza Town, Mamma's, and Five Points along the way.

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of these two died, and the one which recovered was a very

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of suppuration in the tympanum has been recorded. Further, in the

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doses of antitoxin given intravenously and intraspinally, and

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press, we had so much sickness in the family that we could scarcely

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